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Jurassic Rhea Oil and Jurassic Salve


I just wanted to let you that I am still quite stunned at what your Rhea Oil did. I was pouring a cup of tea last night and missed the cup and ended up pouring the boiling water down the palm of my hand. I was at the sink when I did this and Mom had her Rhea oil right at the sink. I was in too much immediate pain to do more than stand there with my hand under water, so Kate & Mom rushed over and poured the Rhea Oil over my hand. I personally thought Mom was crazy for doing this to me and I was mentally preparing myself to go to the hospital, lose the use of my left hand for a few weeks, etc., etc. It took about half an hour for the pain to subside enough for me to realize it. But, by an hour later, the pain was gone and I was just feeling slimy with all this oil on my hand. 

I am at work today, and the only problem I have with my hand is a little tenderness on the spot that got hit with the most water. No physical signs that I was ever burned.

Thank you.

- - Deb C.

Rhea Oil      1 ounce  
As a moisturizer under cosmetics, the one ounce size last about two months. For massaging arthritis or sore muscles the two ounce size is better. For all over massage, or several times a day use, the economical 16 ounce size comes with a 1 ounce  dispenser bottle. Just pour out what you need and keep the rest in the freezer for up to three years.

Rhea Cream      1.75 ounces   
Enhance your next therapeutic massage with this high potency cream. A very powerful cream preferred by people with arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy. A little goes a long way for a therapeutic massage, it�s designed with the highest percentage of rhea possible and a little Vit. E as a preservative.


Oleic Acid 18:1
omega 9

Linoleic Acid 18:2
omega 6

Linolenic  18:3
alpha-omega 3

Average %

Range %











Absorption Spectra reveals how Rhea Oil and Rhea Cream may work to relieve inflammation!

RHEA oil and Rhea cream are used under makeup to prevent wrinkling, skin care preparations, massage oils, and for relief of dry skin.  Anecdotally, it has appeared to relieve the pain of arthritis and backaches, speed healing, relieve insect bite pain and itching, and comfort sore muscles. Emu oil has also been widely touted for this. Up until now the oil chemists’ have been looking for a magic bullet, some super substance that is in the oil that could explain the reports of rapid healing and pain relief.

GCR recently had an absorption spectra analysis done on rhea oil. It was very revealing and in conjunction with the work Donna Fezler has done on toxins in these birds, may  supply some answers to the wonderful properties of the oil.

The absorption spectra revealed strong absorbance in the red and infra-red range.

In other words, Rhea Oil and Cream naturally absorbs the red color wavelength, the wavelength of redness and inflammation! What this means is Rhea Cream or Rhea Oil simply absorbs the redness, and it does it quite well. Inflammation is redness the body produces during the injury and healing process. Rhea oil absorbs in the red and infra red range, absorbing the red color, the color of inflammation. The simple explanation also provides the reason for fat depletion in infant rheas exposed to toxins or hormones in the blue wavelength: They use their fat to release red to restore homeostasis. You can see and feel the difference.

What is the difference between the cream and the oil?

The cream is heavier and more suitable for thick skinned areas and longer massages of sore muscles and joints. The lighter Rhea Oil is more suitable for cosmetic applications like the face, or the thinner skinned areas of the hands. Try it for just a week or two under your make up to see how it changes your complexion. 2 or 3 drops covers your whole face, so it is very economical!

Like a fountain of youth, Rhea Oil is an excellent massage oil for use over sore or inflamed areas or before and after strenuous workouts. Rhea Cream has a heavier consistency and is an excellent choice for a truly therapeutic massage.

Rhea Cream and Oil is carefully hand-crafted at low temperatures with no chemical extraction process to bring you the most natural, unadulterated Rhea oil products on the market today. Vitamin E is added as a natural preservative. We feel strongly that chemical extraction methods destroy the natural attributes of the oil.

Taking care of your Rhea Cream and Oil Products

These are natural, minimally refined fats. They must be treated with care for longest use. Keep in a cool place, out of the sunlight. Natural fats have a long history of medicinal use dating back to the before Christ. (see the article on Toxin Lipolysis in Rheas for this fascinating history). Natural, unadulterated fats are a very rare find nowadays, with all the hormones and antibiotics in the feed. Rhea fat does not absorb in the UV range of herbicides of pesticides, and is not diluted with petroleum based mineral oil. This is the purest, all-natural fat from drug-free and hormone-free Rheas, the healing animal.

What do people use these products for?

Sore joints and muscles
Itching, rashes
Insect bites
Apply to cheek over canker sores
Wrinkle cream
Chronic dry skin
Therapeutic massage
Pressure sores

Covered by a 30 day money back guarantee!  Return the unused portion telling us why you didn't like it for a full refund.